Friday, May 10, 2013

tile and grout cleaning!

We bought this new house here in the Valley a year ago and the kitchen and also the living room are all tiled and the rest of the room are carpeted and wood tile. Well I always clean our floor everyday because we have dogs. Sweeping and mopping is not enough though, we need something that will clean up the floor really good and give us a good result. We bought some of the tools that we use for steaming and mopping and it helps a lot but sometimes the stains and those filthy grout lines is really hard to clean and I really don’t have patience to brush them all at once. It takes a lot of work! I heard that clean fantastic tile and grout cleaning service at did really a good job, I wonder if they have it available here in my area. I really love the video and that’s the great way to clean your tiled floor! Especially when you have kids in the house, it needs to be clean and shiny!

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