Saturday, November 16, 2013

Beautiful Jewelry!

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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Overnight Essay

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Farewell my friend

She was from Switzerland and visited our small town here in San Luis Valley for 3 months. It was nice having her, she is such a nice gal, will surely miss her! Can't wait to see her again next time. My little girl is really close to her. Dana said she is her bestfriend. It was nice, I am sure she will miss this place and hopefully that makes her think to come back again not next year but hopefully in couple years from now. So farewell my friend Jem, and will miss you! Have a safe trip!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

become a boutique owner for FREE!

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Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Wii Zumba Fitness Join the Party Review

I just receive my new wii zumba fitness join the party today, i order it online from Walmart and within 5 days they shipped my order and I am so excited to see what kind of dance and steps they have. I have the 2 zumba wii collection now 'the core' and the 'zumba fitness 2' and so far i am very pleased on it. With this one? I thought it would be the same as the one that I have but it seems different. But i like all the music though, I'll start working out again tomorrow and see if i can keep up on their new steps. I already have 3 belts with me and hopefully I can invite some of my friends to go work out and dance with me.

Kitsylane Packaging

I really like how kitsylane package my order. They have this cutie box that said Kitsylane in front of it and when you open the box, you will surprise on the message that said " hey gorgeous" and a small thank you note. The scarf is well fold and take note, I got 2 free Sophia Scarf. Why i got 2? well I bought the kitsylane gift card worth of $90 and I only pay $60 plus the 3.95 shipping. So i really saved on my purchase and thanks to kitsylane! I invited some of my friends, relatives and all my facebook friends and so far I got a really good feedback and i got tons of customers already that join and shop my boutique and thanks to all! So if you are curious to find out what kitsylane is all about then click this link and enjoy shopping!

Maia Tiger Eye earring from Kitsylane

I also bought a beautiful earring from Kitsylane and that is the Maia Tiger Eye, this earring caught my attention because of his unique design. Retail price of $35 and i just got it for $22 at my kitsylane boutique. I am so happy to receive my order as well as my little girl, she's been waiting for her kitty earring and necklace. She don't want to take it off anymore! She always wanted to wear it everyday and even when she got to sleep. So if you like to purchase the same earrings and wanted to see all my top picks jewelry. Visit my online boutique and hope you'll find the jewelry you like!

Free Sophia Scarf at Kitsylane!

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Omega Juicer!

We just bought this Omega Juicer last week and so far we really like it. The juicer is quiet nice and it works really good. We got this juicer online at Amazon and my husband started juicing since the first day we got the product. He usually make green juice, mixed with different kind of greens like kale, lettuce, beets, cucumber, carrots, spinach and more. For me, I am not really crazy on greens juice, I prefer the fruits or maybe just apple and carrots. My kids love orange, apple and carrot juice. It taste good and its healthy.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Mom's So Stubborn…

Thanks to Roman May

My mom has got to be the most stubborn person on the planet. My dad died about 2 years back and we’ve been really gracious in letting mom stay at their old house but now that she’s getting so immobile it’s just not safe for her to be there alone. I know she misses dad and they’ve lived in that same house for 50 years but you know, sometimes you just don’t have a choice. My mom can barely get around with a walker and though I try to do what I can for her I live about 3 hours away and I can’t make it out there every single week to see her. I spend a lot of time sending her emails about things like and great assisted living facilities in her area but I worry that she’ll never go willingly into a house like that. My brother and I have been talking about what to do – we both think it’s time mom moved to a more healthy facility whether she wants to or not. She’s really hard headed though and I know trying to get her to give up the house is going to be an uphill battle. It’s for her own safety, though, and even if we have to get power of attorney over her then that’s just something we’re going to have to do. I love my mom and sometimes she’s not capable anymore of knowing what’s best for her. I hate to have to make her the child and me the parent but when your parents get to this age sometimes you just don’t have a choice. I want to do what’s best for her and also what will make her the happiest but sometimes those two things are mutually exclusive. I wish dad was still around for me to talk to about this stuff because he always had the best, most level-headed advice, but since he’s been gone it’s gotten harder and harder to deal with mom.

My two lovely shoes :-)

Got this two lovely shoes online and they both really nice. My favorite one is the one in the bottom, they are very comfy and the design is very elegant. The first one is very nice too but it seems a little too high for me, the heel size is 5 inches and i am not used to wear 5 inches heels. Well, it just need a very soft gel in it then it make it feel comfortable to wear. I need to get another color with the second photo a red a black. By the way i got them at and the first one i got it from ;-) arent they lovely and pretty? Perfect for summer!

Friday, May 17, 2013

Bluetooth Printer

Wouldn’t be nice if you could print some of the photos you have on your mobile? Usually when we go somewhere and we forgot to bring a camera, we use our phone to take photos. We download the photos directly to the social networking and sometimes we want to keep those photos and add to our album. Its nice that they provide the Imprimer Magnat - SPRT Mobile Bluetooth Printer Malaysia, then you don’t have to worry about especially if you wanted to print the photos on your mobile phone. The SPRT TIII portable mobile printer Malaysia is such a portable one. it’s a small size that is easy to carry. To find out more information on how you can make an order visit their website today and give it a try!

So much fun!

Last night was the Spring Music Program on my son's school and all first grader and second grader will sing a song on the stage and my son had a blast! He was so excited and he always says, this is it mommy! I'm glad I bought my video cam that way we can get a chance to see his performance whenever we want. He did pretty good! His not shy at all and he really enjoy the time when he was on stage. I guess they really practice to that performance for a month and all the kids did pretty good! All the parents are all proud to their kids especially us! Thanks to all the teachers for the hard work teaching all those kids! Two more weeks and the school will end can't wait for the summer break!

Monday, May 13, 2013

fake scratch cards

Way back in the Philippines, me and my mom always go buy a lottery tickets and hoping to won someday. Well, we didn't win though and I told my mom to stop doing it but I guess she still buying lottery tickets once in a while. I heard that they have a fake lottery tickets now that they are selling online. They just do it for fun, they buy this fake lotto tickets and fake scratch cards then they make a funniest pranks to their friends and family. I think I saw one of the pranks videos at AFV. That's very funny though, they are very happy and full of surprise, they even scream because they can't believe they won just to find out that they got the fake one.

Selling Stuff

I been selling old stuff here like old kids clothing, paintings, old furniture that we don't use and any kinds of baby clothes and stuff, and so far I make more than $900 for a month and I'm so glad because I help out saving the money so that we can attend assembly this month and convention for next month. I am still doing a handmade paintings on a canvas panel and sell some of it for $20 each and I already have some people that appreciate my work. I'm glad that my friend recommend me this yard sale online here in the Valley that way I don't need to do yard sale on the weekend. If people find my stuff and they get interested to it, they can pick it up here in the house, very easy and I make an extra money! Hopefully I can sell some of my paintings and I still have some clothes and handbags to sell, so waiting for it to get pick up! :-)