Wednesday, March 23, 2016

Comfortable pair of shoes from Clarks!

I never spend a shoes for more than $100 before but this time my husband got me a nice pair of comfortable shoes that is over my budget limit. We are on vacation so that was nice of him to tell me to get the shoes I like. So we are at the Parkview Mall and we stop at Clarks shoe store. I found the wedges I like but wow the price is above $100 something but they are having on sale 20% off. I am still thinking twice if I want to get it or not but my husband insist, just get what I want and lets go. I try couple of their wedges and heels and my husband like this style the Caslynnn Shae with a light tan color on it, he said it looks nice on me. I put it on and try to walk with it and wow, I felt really good. This shoes is really comfortable and soft in my foot. Its very light and very comfy. It looks great with pants, dresses and shorts. Its highly recommended! I will surely get a new pair again next time and I am planning to get the Amelia Roma or the Caslynn Kat. So will see... 

Shopping at K & G Fashion Superstore

My husband mentioned about K & G clothing store in Aurora, Colorado. He said, they really have good selections of a suit, dresses, dress pants and more. So we give it a try and we really did get a great deal. They have all designer brands that your looking for and they sell it for 50% - 60% less than department store. We bought our son 2 nice suit, belts and dress pants. My daughter got 3 pretty dresses, I got a maxi dress and 2 cover up and my husband got a nice ties, long sleeve dress shirt and dress pants. With the help of their professional workers, we found the one were looking for so we don't need to go to the burlington factory to shop more suit. We will absolutely come back to that place again this year. We never shop that much before but we deserve to get our family nice dresses and suit for our circuit assembly and convention for this year. I thought we are about to spend more than $500 but we are surprised because we only pay $350 for all the things we got. Not that bad... 

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo, Colorado Springs

Cheyenne Mountain Zoo is our family all time favorite zoo. Our kids love feeding the giraffes, ride the sky ride lift, ride the carousel and see all the animals. The view are awesome and we all like the set up at their zoo. Last monday is our 3rd visit at Cheyenne Mountain Zoo and we still feel the same as we came for the first time. So it was nice and we will surely come back again next year or next 2 years. Here's some of our photos! 

Sunday, March 13, 2016

Our dogs diet...

We have 3 dogs, 2 of them are both English Mastiff, a male (pawn), female (brindle). The other one is Pitbull. Our Pitbull is the older one. We have her for 17 years now and she is doing really well! sometimes she has a day where she feel sore because of her arthritis and we give her medication for that and now she is back to her health again. She doesn't like cold at all. Whenever she go outside, she just use potty or something, she came back right at the door right away and bark, begging to come in. She is pretty old for a dog. Our English Mastiff is both 10 years old. They look pretty healthy except Thunder the male dog, he has problem with his elbow. He has sore all over his elbow, sometimes bleeds because he always hit it with his nails when he lays down. So what we did is to make an elbow pads using scrap jeans and fabric. Just to keep him from bleeding and we had big carpet too just for them. 

About their diet, we don't give them dry food. They doesn't like dry food. They seems pretty picky for a dog! My husband feed them raw chicken for dinner. On their breakfast? They got rice mix with tuna, eggs, fish oil, a little bit of chicken broth or any broth then hotdogs, or any meat left over for our dinner. Sometimes we add soup too because we love soup and we used organic ground beef and organic chicken on our soup. They love it and they are all healthy. Their teeth are white and their coat is shiny. They are pretty spoiled isn't it? 

Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Omega Juicer

We had this juicer for more than a year now and so far we are happy with the performance of this juicer. At amazon, they sell it for $233.99. Its good of a price for a juicer. This juicer has masticating juice extractor with powerful single-gear commercial motor, dual stage juicing that has low speed of 80 RPMs (means no foaming, clogging or heat build-up), high yield with very dry pulp, auto pulp ejection for continuous operation, easy to assemble, operate and clean. It also run quietly and it has voltage of 110V.

My husband love to make green juice mix with all difference kind of greens like kale, lettuce, cucumber, spinach, carrots and fruits too like pomegranate, granny smith apples but his favorite is the one with lettuce, spinach, carrots and a little bit of beets. It gives him energy and its really refreshing and healthy. He use it for his diet too and he lose weight after a week. My kids love the green apple, carrots with a little bit of orange and ginger. It taste delicious! So big thumbs up on this juicer! 

Oster VERSA BLSTVB-RV0-000 1400-watt Professional Performance Blender

This is the blender we bought at Amazon for $187.47 couple months ago and we really love it! It works really good. My husband and I love to make smoothies for the kids and sometimes when we make bean dip, we cook it in our new pressure cooker first and then blend it on our Oster Versa Blender. It taste like a taco bell beans! Yummy and creamy! This blender has powerful 1400 watt motor. It has 3 programmed settings for smoothies, dips/spreads and soup). It has variable speed dial to instantly udjust speed as needed. Stainless steel blade spins at over 250 mph. So its really work for the soup too! We tried to make tomato soup last time and it was really tasty. This Oster Versa is one of the best blender we had. We will give it a 4 star! 

Saturday, March 5, 2016

Nascent Iodine Supplement - Iodine Edge

My husband always tell us to take one drop of iodine supplement in the morning after we eat. It helps to  balance our thyroid and it also increase our energy level. This nascent iodine may help stop bromine, chlorine and flouride storage in the body and it can also aids the body in removing harmful substances. There's a lot of benefits when you take it. We usually order ours online at for $27.95 and whenever we ran out, we just re-order it again. This is highly recommended to take in a regular basis especially if you have problem on your thyroid. You can make your own research and see if this one will help but for us, it really helps! 

Bedz King Twin Bunk Bed Reviews

We got this twin over twin mission style bunk bed last week at for $320.20 and so far we are very happy with it. The kids sleep on it and they love it. I have 10 year old boy and a 7 year old girl. So my daughter sleep  on top with all her favorite stuffed toy and she really enjoyed it. My son said, its very comfortable and they both love it. It looks sturdy and it looks very nice. It's the same as the one in the picture. It fits perfectly in their bedroom and they still have tons of space to play. This bunk bed we will give it a 4 and a half star ratings and will surely order again in amazon next time. 

Thursday, February 25, 2016

Our 17 years old Pitbull -- Cocao

This is Cocao, she's our female Pitbull. My husband have her since she was a puppy. She's one of the rescue dog that they found. She is now 17 years old! She is really old but she still doing great! Sometimes she had a bad day because of her arthritis, she had pain in her leg. We give her medication and my husband and I really taking care of her. About their food, we gave them raw chicken at night and in the morning, they eat rice mix with 2 eggs, can of tuna, hotdogs and a dash of Grizzly Salmon Oil. They have different diet than other dogs. We been giving them this type of food ever since and three of them are very healthy. We have two English Mastiff, male and female and a female Pitbull. Our two Mastiff are both 10 years old. They are pretty spoiled in their diet. They won't even eat dry food. Well, as long they eat their food and they all look very healthy and that's all that matters. We love our dogs and they are part of our family. 

Kids twin loft bed with slide from walmart

These are the beds that we bought for our kids couple years ago at Walmart. We spend about more than $500 for both including the new mattresses. It looks very nice, the kids love it at first but they never sleep on it. They like the hideout thing under it, they put all their toys under and that's their favorite place to play. We try to put them to sleep on top but they only sleep once and they never do it again. I guess the two window in our kids bedroom make them scared and also because the bed is a little bit higher so they are not feel comfortable about it. They sleep under it couple times but they still not happy about it. Now, they both sleep in our guest room and they feel more comfortable in there when they sleep together. I have 10 year old son and 6 year old daughter and they both sleep on one bed. My husband and I decided to sell this bed at yard sale online and see if we can get even half of the price we get and buy them a new one. We found the one we like, its a twin over twin bunk bed at and we spend about more than $300 on it so its a good deal, we sold the bed for $200 and we just need to add another $100 to get the bed we want for our kids. So will see how it goes. Were looking forward to put it all together and see if the kids will sleep on it. 

Shop at Amazon - twin bunk bed

We been doing our online shopping now at We found great deals there that we couldn't find anywhere else and I guess it is more convenient to shop online from the comfort of your home especially if you are looking for something that is out of reach in your area. We live in the Valley and the big City is about more than an hour or two hours drive to get there. Sometimes we go travel that far especially if we really have to shop impulse or sometimes we wait til we had something going on in the City area then we can do our one time shopping. But right now we been looking for a new twin bunk bed for our kids and we couldn't go to the City to look for that kind of bedroom furniture. So yes, shopping online is one of our choice. We look up bunk beds online in different websites and try to compare prices and so far, we found the good deal at Amazon. We found the one that we like and I am sure my kids would love it too and they will deliver it tonight! It takes only 1 week before we got our order. So we are excited to put it all together and see how it looks in the kids bedroom! 

Be positive...

I believe in what the bible said about the attitude makes a lot of difference at Proverbs 24:10 that said "If you become discouraged in the day of distress, Your strength will be meager". So it means if we are negative in everything we do, it affects our mood, our health and even how to treat other people. That's why being positive in life is very helpful. It makes you happy and healthy. I am a happy person and I don't get stress out easily. I know how to handle things and make everything in balance. Self Control is also one of the important thing to be more positive in life. I focus more in a positive sides and try to figure it out how to fix it without getting frustrated. I know frustration always there especially if you can't figure it out how to get out on the situation but yes, if you take one step in a time I guess everyone can do it. Prayer and meditation will also help you be more positive in life. Having good friends and more spiritually involve in things also help me and also being patient and calm. 

I like the talk that one of the brother give last week about "think before you speak" because our tongue is like a sword that can hurt somebody if we are not careful about it. It also prefer like a fire, if you start the spark, it will cause fire. So it also refer on how we use our tongue or how we talk to people. make sure we don't say something that will hurt their feelings. That's why self control is also important when we start talking because when we are angry, sometimes we don't know that we saying things that we are not supposed to say and sometimes it hurts other people. It leaves scar to people, you know. So what I am trying to say is, if you want to have a happy healthy life, being positive, self control, patient and kind are ones of the qualities that we should have.

Indian Meadows herbal love you face cream...

I really love this cream. It truly love my face! I been using this for past couple years  now and I never find any problem with it. It really give my face the right moisture and I don't need to keep putting it every single hours. It last for the whole day. I usually use it in the morning after I wash my face then at night before going to bed. My skin is very sensitive so I really need to use moisturizer that's good for sensitive skin or maybe made of an organic ingredients. I used Olay moisturizer before but it makes my face dry and irritated. I been struggling with acne and pimples before when I was single but now I am acne and pimples free!

New update -- I'm back!

Hello everyone! I am back in this blog again. Its been a while I didn't update this blog. This blog is one of my domain but I guess I didn't give enough time to post more. I have 3 blogs that I been updating right now and I am trying my best to give couple post for a week. So I guess I will start writing new post in this blog. I usually write blog reviews in this blog and anything about my blog journey and making money journey online. So will keep you guys updated and thanks for stopping by!

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Naked and Afraid Reviews

My husband and I likes to watch Naked and Afraid show where men and women are both naked and trying to survive for 21 days with only one item in their hand. The two couple are both stranger and they are trying to survive in a wild. Its very interesting show and we all seen the 1st, 2nd and 3rd season. One of our favorite survivor in this show is Laura and AJ, they made it for the second time at the AMAZON and that is amazing! Also the one with the 4 survivors with Manu, Forest and two other partners (forgot their names) they did pretty good and it was amazing that they work as a team at the end. It would be nice if all the survivor that has a higher PSR who survive on the first season until 3rd season can do it again for the second time just like what Laura and AJ did! That would be a nice show to watch again. We have 2 kids and they also like to watch the show. So looking forward for the season 4!