The We Blog Lockout

The We Blog Exploration Group is comprised of several friends who enjoy camping and the exploration of deserted areas. In order to ensure the safety of themselves and their equipment, the We Blog Exploration Group relies on well-maintained service vehicles. However, sometimes it is impossible to plan for the unforeseen.

As the group packed up after a successful trip to Hoosier National Forest, they all assumed that someone else was responsible for the keys, when in reality they had been tossed on the front seat as equipment was being loaded. After futilely searching in pockets, snack bags, and the campsite itself, it was determined that the keys must have been left in the vehicle.

After debating how to resolve the situation, Carrie, one of the group’s members mentioned her previous experience searching for Terre Haute tow service, and recommended that they call Terre Haute Towing and Wrecker Service. Since Carrie was the member who knew the company due to personal car troubles in the past, she was the one to make the call who notified the truck closest to the campsite, and promised the group they would be on their way as soon as possible.

Henry Morgan founded Terre Haute Towing and Wrecker services with the belief that consumers should truly know and trust their towing company. Passed down from father to son, the company continues to be managed with the neighborly values Morgan started it with.

Services offered by Terre Haute Towing and Wrecker Services include tire changing, gas delivery, auto lock-out assistance, and jumpstarts.

Shortly after the call was made, Terre Haute Towing personnel arrived on the scene, equipped with an auto entry kit containing specialized tools capable of opening various vehicles without damage.

And then, after determining which tool would best perform the unlocking of the camper, the job was completed within minutes, and the We Blog Exploration Group was piled in, and on the road again…

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